Many education providers of English speaking countries have made English language proficiency test mandatory requirement for the admission. Out of different types, IELTS is very popular and reliable sort of English language test which is preferred by many overseas students if they want to pursue higher education in most of the education providers of English speaking countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, etc. IELTS consists of 4 components, i.e. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Instead of becoming specific in any course, candidates should give much emphasis in familiarity in English language as accurate understanding and expert delivery matters the most. As we know, becoming expert of any language doesn’t require intelligent mind. Instead, familiarity matters the most. BOON International Education supports adequately for creating adequate floor to increase familiarity in English language so that candidates will be comfortable and confident to handle English language either for accurate understanding or for clear delivery. In other words, supportive IELTS instructors of BOON International Education leave no stone unturned to remove hesitation of candidates.
Why IELTS preparation from BOON International Education?
- Use of multimedia technology in class
- Supportive and expert instructor/s
- Regular mock test free of cost
- Small class size or every candidate will get enough support from the instructor
- Student-centred learning ambience
- Best competitive tuition fee