If compared, studying in home country can be often less expensive than studying in abroad. However,  scholarship can mean a lot to make study abroad expenses very affordable. This is what expected by  every student if they’ve decided to study in abroad for world class education. Definitely, parents also have to bear less economic burden for children’s study. Basically, sponsors of student don’t have to go  through financial stress. Therefore, BOON International Education always seek for scholarship granted by education providers of Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada. We always give top priority to provide assist students to get  scholarship (up to 50%) in their tuition fee. We support and guide students to fill up the scholarship  form (if necessary) before deadline. Students will get massive benefit from resourceful study abroad  counsellor of BOON International Education to get adequate information regarding scholarship provided  by prestigious education providers of overseas. We believe this sort of support will make our student  and their parents very thankful toward us and we don’t want to lose this special opportunity.