Career growth is very significant for everybody. As we know, career choices make long term effect. No doubt, every parent wants to see their children successful. For it, quality education matters the most. Qualified human resources are indeed great asset of any country. In addition of hard effort from learners, cutting-edge technology and adequate research matter the most for quality education. More than ever, learners are ready to go overseas so that they can make access of the best education. As the profession is related with career development of dreamer, Boon International Education (BOON) take study abroad industry very seriously. As we know, credibility matters the most. Value of any company is determined by its service. Better services soon or later rewarded us. Qualified, trained, educated, experienced and updated study abroad counsellors of BOON provide adequate time to students for discussion so that they can explore correct program, university and country for their career growth. Boon represent top-notch universities and colleges of most popular destinations. Definitely, these things are strength of BOON to deliver professional services.  

Our Motivated Team

Birendra Gurung

Founder / Managing Director
Boon International

Nikita Thapa

Career Counsellor
Boon International

Sushil Gurung

Career Counsellor
Boon International

Pawan DC

Marketing Manager
Boon International

Abinash Tamang

Public Relation Officer
Boon International

Dinu Ghale

Front Desk Officer
Boon International


Many education providers of English speaking countries have made English language proficiency test mandatory requirement for the admission. Out of different types, IELTS is very popular

If you are looking for a suitable course or program and you want to make sense of all the information about possible study destinations, universities, courses and programs you can contact our counselor.

Resourceful Career Counsellors of Boon International Education advice students about suitable education provider for their proper career growth.

Your application to the University speaks volumes about you. It not only reflects your academic profile and subject interests but also mirrors your persona.

Applying for a visa can be more time consuming than you might think, it is recommendable to get assistance with the required documents and the way of applying for the visa in order to get the visa

We organise pre-departure seminars for all of you and even your parents to dispel any doubts or fears before they actually fly to your preferred destination